Dec 172014

Kate Hewlett
Kate played Jeannie Miller in four episodes of Stargate Atlantis and she has also appeared on Psych, Degrassi:TNG, The LA Complex and A Dog’s Breakfast with her brother David. IMDB Twitter
David MacInnis
David played Talus on Stargate Atlantis The Return 1&2 and Agent Williams on Stargate SG1 Ex Deus Machina, he has also appeared on Dead Like Me, The 4400, Saving Hope and Smallville. IMDB
Matthew Harrison
Matthew played Darien in the Stargate SG1 episode Double Jeopardy and a Scientist on the Atlantis episode Conversion. He has also appeared on Chaos, Reaper and Smallville. IMDB
Ernie Hudson
Ernie was Pernaux in the Stargate SG1 episode Ethon but is best known for his role on Ghostbusters or maybe as Warden Glynn on Oz. He has also appeared on ER, Wild Palms, Bones, Desperate Housewives and Law & Order. IMDB Official Twitter
Dan PelchatĀ 
Dan has been a Stunt Performer and Actor on shows such as Stargate Universe, Intelligence, Arrow, Sanctuary, Andromeda and Tasmanian Devils. IMDB

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