Aug 282015

Amanda Tapping
Amanda starred as Samantha Carter in way too many to mention episodes of Stargate SG1 and the two movies, she then went onto do a season of Stargate Atlantis and a guest appearance on Universe. Along with a few friends she then help create and star in Sanctuary playing Helen Magnus. A few guest appearances since then have included Supernatural, Motive, Package Deal and Killjoys as well as more time behind the camera directing. IMDB Twitter Official
Katie Findlay
Kate appeared just twice as Ellie on Stargate Unviverse in the episodes Epilogue and Common Descent as well as starring roles on How To Get Away With Murder, The Carrie Diaries and The Killing. She’s also guest starred on Psych and Fringe. IMDB Twitter
Kirby Morrow
Kirby played Tara’c and a Militia Man on Stargate SG1 (The Warrior and Cor-ai) and then a recurring role on Stargate Atlantis as Captain Dave Kleinman on eight episodes of Stargate Atlantis and finally a guest spot on Stargate Universe as a bridge officer in Incursion. He is also a prolific voice actor and also appeared on Arrow, Olympus, Cedar Cove, Human Target and Supernatural. IMDB Twitter Behind The Voice

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