Aug 252012

Three Stargate Birthdays for the 25th of August…

Happy Birthday to Ross Hull he played Dr Corrigan in SGA “Suspicion” and now presents the weather on television. He left acting in January 2005 and became a weather personality on Canada’s The Weather Network and in June 2011 he became a weather anchor for CTV Southwestern Ontario. IMDB

Many happy returns to Brad Dryborough who has been in Stargate SG1 “Sight Unseen” as the pickup driver and in SGA “The Prodigal” as the hybrid. IMDB

Last but not least Happy Birthday to Colby Johannson another two time Stargate actor who played Lt Kagan in Stargate Atlantis “Phantoms” and SF Sergeant Finney in SG1 “Prometheus”. IMDB


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