Aug 252016

Colby Johannson
Colby played Lt Kagan in the Stargate Atlantis episode Phantoms and SF Sergeant Finney in the SG1 episode Prometheus. He also guest starred on Men In Trees, Reaper, For Your Security, Battlestar Galactica and Fringe. IMDB Twitter
Ross Hull
Ross played Dr. Corrigan in the Stargate Atlantis episode Suspicion and Gary on Are You Afraid of the Dark? He also appeared on Student Bodies, Due South, Fearless and Iron Eagle 4. He left acting in 2005 and became a weather personality on Canada’s The Weather Network and in 2011 and then an anchor for CTV Southwestern Ontario. IMDB Twitter Twitter
Brad Dryborough
Brad was in Stargate SG1 “Sight Unseen” as the pickup driver and in the Atlantis episode The Prodigal as the hybrid. He has also been in episodes of iZombie, Motive, Arctic Air, Fringe, The Killing, The Flash and Falling Skies. IMDB Behind The Voice

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