Aug 202015

Colin Cunningham
Colin appeared in 15 episodes of Stargate SG1 and a single episode of Atlantis as Major Paul Davis and now stars as John pope in Falling Skies. He has also guest starred on The Collector, The Dead Zone, Psych, The 4400, Eureka and Sanctuary. IMDB Official Twitter
Jay Acovone
Jay was Major Charles Kawalsky on Stargate SG1 for five episodes, he has also been in Monk, 24, Criminal Minds and General Hospital. IMDB
Jamil Walker Smith
Jamil played Master Sgt. Ronald Greer in Stargate Universe and has also appeared in Any Given Sunday, Girlfriends, Supernatural, Bones, Blind Justice and directed The American Dream. IMDB Twitter Little Plow Behind The Voice
John Noble
John only appeared once on Stargate SG1 in the episodes Camelot playing Meurik, he starred as Dr Walter Bishop in Fringe and more recently in Sleepy Hollow as Henry Parrish and lets not forget playing his part in The Lord of the Rings franchise. IMDB

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In Memory Of…
Isaac Hayes (August 20th 1942 – 10th August 2008)
Singer, composer and Oscar winner.
Tolok on Stargate SG1 and voiced Chef on South Park.

Isaac Hayes

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