Apr 172014

Alaina Huffman
Alaina was Lt. Tamara Johansen in all forty episodes of Stargate Universe as well playing Dinah Lance on Smallville. She guest starred on Alphas, NCIS: LA, Necessary Roughness and currently has a recurring role as Abaddon on Supernatural. IMDB Twitter
Mylene Dinh-Robic
Mylene played Anika in the Atlantis episode The Kindred Part 2, she has also appeared on Battlestar Galactica, Smallville, The Listener, Being Human and 19-2. IMDB Twitter
Alonso Oyarzun
Alonso appeared just the once on Stargate Atlantis as the leader of a punk game in the episode Bane. He has also appeared in eight episodes of Battlestar Galactica as Socinus and also in The Plan and The Dead Zone. IMDB
Brendan Beiser
Brendan played Weaver in the SG1 episode Memento Mori and Tavius in the Atlantis episode The Tower. He has also been in Dead Like Me, Reaper, Dark Angel and Goblin. IMDB
Carlo Rota
Carlo appeared twice on Stargate Universe as Carl Storm in the episodes Life and Earth. He also had a long running guest role on 24 (Day 6 and 7) as Morris O’Brian and appeared on Shark, Little Mosque on the Prairie and Sanctuary. IMDB Twitter

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