Apr 012017


Miles joins us for Epilogue the second part of the two parter which expands upon the bread crumbs offered up from Twin Destinies. The Destiny has for now broke contact with the drones and has travelled to Novus in the hope of discovering why the settlement lost contact. Initial survey clearly shows a world in the middle of a “nuclear winter” as ash falls gently and global temperatures too low. Yaozu leads the group to the entrance to a huge bunker and they use the main gun to tear open the doors, venturing inside they find the complex has power and thirty levels down they access the planets database complete with all kino footage dating back to the founding of Novus.


The lives of well themselves play out and much is revealed of the first few years on Novus as people die, couples have children, the beginnings of the split in ideology and a society which is visually growing and developing. They also learn that a black hole is indeed responsible for the growing instability of the planet as the core gets more and more active and volcanic fissures continue to expand including one directly under this city. Near the end though the two nations on this world stepped back from the edge and as in the beginning joined forces and built a number of generation ships to allow much of the population to escape, they are sublight and aimed for the various settlements but the people of Novus and humanity has not died out in this galaxy. Time is critical and they begin to upload the huge database to Destiny, Rush discovers a solution to the ship’s air filtration systems and as the complex begins to collapse the fight for survival leading to Varro being critically injured whilst saving TJ.

Epilogue is a stunning episode and totally exploits the groundwork provided by Twin Destinies and Common Descent. The revelations of a life not led were moving and at times emotional from the loss of Dale through to the birth of his namesake, the many other births and of course the path that TJ will have to travel. Oh yes who could also forget Brody and those damn kids. As the season draws to a close we know there was never going to be any follow up given that the people from Novus were bound to this galaxy as Destiny travelled on but perhaps we would have found one or two characters were reintroduced if indeed we had gotten a third season.

Our continued thanks to Miles for guesting on the podcast, it was a good evening discussing two of the best episodes of Stargate Universe. Alan will be back next week along with Ian for our discussion on Blockade and as with Destiny our journey is coming to a close. Thanks to everyone that voted in the SGU favourite episode poll, results will be in the wrap up show we recorded a few days ago.



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