Nov 262016

The Greater Good

The question of what is the greater good is asked of many of the crew of Destiny in this episode as the ship comes across an alien derelict. Without a shuttle the decision is made to leap across the void (in the space suits) and employ a Kino as motive force and to string a connecting rope to aid the second person across. Colonel Young and Rush both volunteer and are probably both being a little paranoid but the unlikely couple do make it across safe and sound and enter the alien ship through a rupture in its hull. Rush is able to secure a compartment and bring power up and sends the Kino in search mode, they discover the alien pods they found previously on the Seed ship and unfortunately trigger an energy surge which propels the ship far away from Destiny.

Rush is extremely unwilling to reveal the secret of the bridge and his partial control of the ship so convinces Young that the only solution would be to bring Amanda Perry back on board. Ginn has been supplying Homeworld with intel so is swapped with Amanda and once she is onboard then Rush lets her onto his secret. She gains access to the bridge and is able to fly the Destiny towards the alien ship and attempts to bluff Eli and the others that she has been able to tweak the maneuvering thrusters. Eli digs deeper and sees the secret messages Rush was passing onto Amanda and tracks hers down to the bridge, no one is pleased to say the least. Young and Rush have a knock down drag out fight before clearing the air and coming towards a consensus which if they survive could allow Destiny to be unified and to pursue the great mission that Rush has been tantalised by. Young and Rush are of course rescued but Simeon who has been disturbed by how close Ginn is to the crew and learns of her visit to Earth pays Amanda a visit in her quarters with a glorious amount of foreboding…

The Great Good was an excellent episode, some of the CGI visuals where stunning more so because they were slow and deliberate allowing you to appreciate the detail the artists applied to their computer constructed models. The continued relationship between Ginn and Eli is fantastic and Amanda and Rush spark as you would expect. The highlight of the episode barring Eli getting seriously pissed when he discovers Rush’s betrayal is the dialogue heavy discussion between Young and Rush, two great actors performing with a good script and twenty six episodes of character growth behind them.

Our continued thanks to Brad for joining us this week and the featured promo was for Generations Geek. Next week since it will be December we will be dipping into this season’s bonus episodes recording over this last year. Up first will be the episode “Penance” from Sanctuary which guest starred Michael Shanks so we hope you can join us for that and of course we’d love to know what you thought of the episode.

Oh yeah, the Stargate Atlantis favourite episode poll is open for one more week, we would love to have your opinions:)




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