Nov 122016


Cloverdale the home town of Scott and Chloe (also the location of many a Canadian tv series such as Smallville) plays host to their wedding after Scott on leave from the military returns home. Eli is the designated camera man for the wedding and all the preparations and Greer is the best man, oh lets not forget that Everett is Scott’s father not just the normal father figure. A lot is going on in the opening scenes of the episode but things come to an abrupt focus when we see the crew of the Destiny on an alien world battling some sort of native life form and Scott in critical condition. The episode then proceeds to tell the story of the events on the alien world as Scott lives an alternate life in Cloverdale surrounded by his friends and family played by crew of the Destiny. We see these people showing traits that is not the norm or others with attitudes highlighted, it may be that Scott is interacting with the people with character traits he believes them to have which may explain Volker being a little more fluffy than usual, Brody the source of things booze and in an interesting choice Vanessa as the love lorn ex who would still swallow her pride and offer herself body and soul on the eve of Scott’s wedding.


Cloverdale works in many ways, some of the location work is excellent especially the simple colour timing tweaks which turned a normal piece of woodland into a very alien world. Of course the Cloverdale location shooting was spot on and some of the in jokes worked very well including a very well crafted stunt which Brian was allowed to at least partially perform, check out the DVD extras for a full behind the scenes look. The standout character of the episode was perhaps Greer who was the life and soul of the wedding party and the true warrior as he fought off the alien planets aka Triffids. Rush was a close second thanks to a stellar performance as the registrar and both Brian and Elyse delivered solid performances.

The episode viewer ratings wise is pretty average and I wouldn’t disagree but there are some good scenes and performances and serves a purpose as a standalone episode allowing for a breather for this seasons main story arc. Our thanks to Steve (once again) for joining us for the podcast and to Brad¬†for the feedback, apologises for the shorter show which was the result of the second episode with corrupted audio recordings. Next week should be back to normal as the flaw in the recording software has been worked around, touch wood. This weeks podcast promo is for the Babylon Project Podcast which discusses an episode per show of the great Babylon 5 scifi series, next week we will be taking a look at Trial And Error with out guest Thomas, we hope you join us for that and let us know what you think of it and all things Stargate.




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