Oct 152016


The second season of Stargate Universe begins with the episode Intervention. In terms of the show it is technically the final part of a three part story which encompasses the finale of the first season and the beginning of the second. Most of the expedition have been stranded on an alien world and after a power struggle amongst the alliance a number of the invaders are also marooned including Varro.The remaining Lucian Alliance still retain partial control after the ship was saved by Greer and Scott by adjusting the shields on the outer hull. Rush now begins to reduce the energy to the shields which will eventually allow the radiation to kill the crew or at least those who are not in a more secure location which is where Rush and company are going to hole up, as he says to Dannic those that are not safe are a necessary sacrifice. Dannic refuses to give up but is then killed by one of his own who then turns over control of the ship to Rush and they then gate back to the planet to retrieve the stranded people. Young returns to discover that TJ has lost the baby.


The secondary or maybe primary storyline in Intervention is centered on TJ who is unconscious in the med bay after being shot and losing her child. She awakes in a cabin and is greeted by Dr Cane who tells her she has been brought to the world they visited earlier in recognition of her sacrifice by returning to Destiny. Her daughter is alive and well and she is told that her child “Carmen” will be allowed to stay but TJ had to return to Destiny. She finally wakes up and indeed she is on Destiny and yes her child died due to the trauma of the bullet wound but something calls to her and she struggles to the main viewing port and sees the same nebula that was revealed to her on the planet…

Intervention is an excellent episode to begin the second season of Stargate Universe, we get some action and full introduction to a few new players in this part of the story such as Ginn and Simeon. Varro continues to be the sensible and intelligent alliance member and one who Young could probably work with but that’s some way away, at this point keeping them confined is the only safe option barring abandoning them on a planet just as they were.

The mystery of TJ and her child will remain just that for quite a while but the writing provides the viewer to follow the more scientific or mystical path as they so choose which gives plenty of options further down the line as the season develops. Overall we got a very good episode, great effects and character interaction, new characters making their mark and opportunities for the writers to expand in many directions and maintain the mystery that is Destiny.

We want to thank Steve for joining us this week and he will be back for the episode Pathogen in a few weeks. Our thanks to Mack for the feedback over on our Google+ page and our continued gratitude for all the interactions over social media. This weeks podcast promo is for The Batcave Podcast which is coming up to wrapping up the their coverage of the Adam West and Burt Ward classic series so get in there while you can. Next week we are going to be taking a look at the episode Aftermath with our guest Thomas so please have a listen and let us know what you think 🙂




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