Sep 172016


This episode entitled Pain is pretty much standalone dealing with the unforeseen consequences of a recent visit to an alien world by some members of the expedition. The episode begins with a very dynamic sequence with Vanessa and ScottĀ making sweet sweet nah going at it like rabbits which is confusing given Scott has pretty much staked his camp in the Chloe pasture. We then get a truly WTF moment when Scott ends up dead on the floor and we jump to a bemused Volker who can get out of his cabin and then Greer paranoia to the max spying Camille on the gate room computer. More slightly strange events occur before we get to see the outline of what is going on aboard Destiny which pays off pretty well I have to say. The cold opening really leaves the viewer in a confused frame of mind because nothing we are seeing is outside the bounds of probability or reason.


You may notice the write up for this episode is fairly short that’s because while overall it has no real impact on the main story it should be experienced by the viewer as fresh as possible, if you haven’t seen it yet then you are for a treat, if it’s been a while then you should still enjoy it. For a veteran viewer some of the shine may have been lost and without plot elements meshing with episodes either side of it then it may lose some appeal. So short and sweet, our thanks to Mack for the feedback over on Google + and to Steve for joining us on the show, this weeks promo is for Nutty Bites and next week we are going to be taking a look at Subversion. We hope you join us for that and as always we’d enjoying hearing your thoughts on the podcast or Stargate in general.




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