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Stargate Universe returned for the second half of its first season with the episode Space in which the crew come face to face with one of the known elements of the universe, we are not alone and for the most part our fellow beings are not warm and cuddly, although neither are we if we are being honest. The fate of Rush is still being questioned amongst the crew and Camille tells Young she will be reporting in full to the IOA but as he points out she can only speculate and at this point it may be that she was in the dark as to the framing of Young for the murder of Spencer. Young uses the communication stones and finds himself on an unfamiliar ship and face to face with an alien being, the being seems uninterested in Young and we find out that on board Destiny the alien consciousness is now inhabiting Young’s body. The connection is broke and while many are sceptical that Young saw what he did when a huge spaceship appears in front of the Destiny the doubts fade away…

Space (23)


Eli attempts to communicate with the alien ship and they get a simple one word response “surrender” which came though untranslated, Young orders the launch of the shuttle and for the ship to bring her weapons on line. As the shuttle approaches the ship they see a number of smaller craft fly towards them, battle is joined but many get by and at least one latches onto the Destiny and breaches the hull. Chloe approaches the breech and looks into the light, we then see the ship detach causing decompression. When Young realises what has happened he orders the shuttle to cease fire and decides to once again use the communication stones to get intel on the aliens. We then get treated to the realisation that the aliens have captured Chloe for some sort of interrogation but that’s not all, they also have another human suspended in a water containment vessel, Rush is there. Young breaks Rush from the vessel and after some confusion and pain Young returns to Destiny and orders Eli to open up on the alien ship with the main weapon despite the risk to the shields and conduit stability, is he trying to save the Destiny or finish Rush off once and for all even sacrificing Chloe along the way?

Space is a major turning point for the show, we know the universe is full of life but this is the first confirmed contact the crew have had since coming to Destiny and it seems this race have been trailing the Destiny for a long long time. At this point we don’t know their motivations and they didn’t shoot first but who would say Young was incorrect in a pre-emptive defence of the ship after the surrender message. Scott lets his feelings get the better of him and Greer is having the time of his life, Camille is once again pushing the boundaries and we get both humour and drama from all the remaining characters. This is a good episode which makes the most of the cast and throws in a lot of great looking action and suspense which is all you really want.

Many thanks to Brad for joining us on the podcast this week and our continued thanks to Mack for his feedback. This weeks promo is for the British Invaders podcast a show which looks at British scifi television across the years, next week we will be discussing the episode Divided.




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