May 282016

Air Part 1

Welcome to our very first look at Stargate Universe and the first episode Air Part 1 which in this case is part of the extended release on the DVD/Blu-ray, for the purposes of the podcast we cut the double episode in half and will be looking at Air Part 2 next week.

The story of Stargate Universe begins with the view of the Destiny (as we come to learn) and onboard the activation of a Stargate, by mixing up the timelines we learn that the SGC has an off world base codenamed Icarus which is using the geo-thermal properties of an alien world to power its Stargate and access the ninth chevron. The complexities of energy manipulation has prevented a successful activation until the puzzle is sent out into the real world by means of a computer game. This game is solved by Eli Wallace (played by David Blue) who is then shanghaied by General O’Neill and brought to Icarus to work with Dr Nicholas Rush (Robert Carlyle) and along for the ride comes the Senator who was instrumental in securing the funding for the base and his daughter who came up with the idea to exploit gamers. During the visit the base comes under attack from the Lucian Alliance and Eli has a flash of inspiration, the symbols required are not just an address but also incorporate a code, the Earth symbol should not work but when used the wormhole is opened and with no other option the survivors of Icarus flee through the gate. They arrive on board Destiny with many injuries including Colonel Young (Louis Ferreira) and begin to explore not realising at first they are onboard a starship billions of light years away from the Milky Way and Earth…

Da Boys are Here

Well there you go the first look at Stargate Universe and it was far better than I remembered infact all three parts of Air were a very rewarding viewing experience. The main cast is incredible and as you would expect the Stargate producers have made full use of continuity and the acting pool of Stargate veterans to populate the screen, it paid off big time for those of us who are familiar with the franchise. The production quality right from the start was incredible for television and felt very different to what SG1 and Atlantis has offered in the years before, as it turned out that may have played a part in the show only getting two seasons but those two seasons are an adventure to say the least:)

We’ve got to thank Jeff for returning to the podcast (sucker for punishment) and our first timer Steve who is a veteran podcaster in his own right. Together with myself and Alan I think we did one of our better episode commentaries/discussions, the fourth voice I think added that extra something and for once Skype was well behaved. So next week we are back with the same line up and taking a look at Air Part 2, we hope you join us and we want your feedback on the podcast and Stargate Universe, if nothing else SGU generated discussion in the Stargate fan community:)



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