Jan 232016

Whispers begins with events in a small village a year before a team from Atlantis arrives, we see two locals walking in the dark mist shrouded night and come across someone sitting on the ground, they approach and a creature is revealed which lunges at them killing one almost immediately. The other man escapes buts runs into a man wearing a gas mask who proceeds to attack him. We jump to the current time frame to find John and Carson walking through the woods and meet up with a SG team commanded by Major Teldy, introduction are made and we learn that one of Michael’s labs has been discovered in the nearby caverns. They soon realise this was the site of some early genetic experiments which may have back fired and left the nearby village devoid of life, most of this is confirmed by a local man named Mirellus who speaks of Demons in the mist. They decide to spend the night in the village but Sheppard, Teldy and Captain Vega head out to the nearby settlement for some supplies where they encounter something in the mist which reaches out and grabs Vega, they find her body soon after and then double time it back and discover all the stasis pods in the lab are now open. Carson, Dr Porter and Sgt. Mehra are a little on edge after hearing the commotion and Mehra goes out to investigate, after some time Carson then leaves and when they return Dr Porter is missing.

Events continue to spiral out of control but with each encounter some knowledge of these “demons” is discovered and they decide to set a trap at the village’s well using a laptop emitting a signal which will bring the demons into a killzone. John however is attacked while setting the C4 and in the commotion it blows and the team open up with their P90’s leaving all the demons dead. They all return to the lab and discover a well disguised door, they open it and find another room full of empty pods and they begin to be stalked by the remainder of Michael’s experiments but in the confined space the automatic weapons make light work of culling the demons. The episode wraps with a bookend of Carson, John and Rodney with Rodney mildly upset he knows nothing about a certain Dr Porter but at least Carson is staying in Pegasus so yay:)

Whispers is one of my favourite episodes of Stargate Atlantis, it’s incredibly atmospheric and wonderfully produced thanks to the clever idea of using a tent inside the studio which allowed them to film in simulated heavy fog/mist. That’s not all though, we finally see a bunch of female SGC members who just happen to be on the same team and each of them do credit to their rank and the SGC, granted the US military at the time was not overly keen on front line female soldiers but the need for intelligent and resourceful members of the SGC should have meant a great percentage of women serving than we were presented with over the years. Considering we only got the single episode/adventure of the team comprising of Major Teldy, Captain Vega (RIP), Sgt. Mehra and Dr Porter they left a very definite mark on the fanbase and who knows a sixth season or tv movie could have made good use of these characters.

Many thanks to Andrew for joining us again for this episode, he will return for at least two more before we movie onto Universe. Thanks to Brad for the feedback and to everyone that has kept in touch or supported the podcast on Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and Facebook. This weeks promo is for The Rusted Robot and next week we are going to be watching another excellent episode “The Queen”.




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