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avatar2 John and Rodney visit one of the trading partners of Atlantis, the world is ruled by a monarchy and for the first time they meet the youngest sister (of three) who is due to take the crown on completion of a quest passed down from generation to generation. They agree to aid Harmony the young princess on her journey into the forest and to seek out the Ruins of Larris whose gifts will then be bestowed upon her granting her the right to rule her people, what they don’t know is that behind the scenes forces are moving to make sure their quest fails. It soon becomes apparent that Harmony is very full of herself and has took an instant shine to John but not unexpectedly becomes instant enemies with Rodney who reciprocates in kind which makes the journey interesting to say the least. While deep in the woods the party hear a strange noise, a roaring in the distance and Harmony informs them that that is the “beast” which protects the royal line and is deadly to all enemies and soon after John vanishes and Genii soldiers surround Harmony and Rodney. Rodney actually considers giving them Harmony in exchange for his life but before he can act on such a thought John opens up on the Genii and kills them. It turns out the Genii used to trade with Harmony’s people before being barred from the planet, it seems that they are actively trying to reverse that situation with a little help from with the castle and more specifically from Mardola the sister of Harmony.

Harmony (7)
The party continues and find the ruins, they stun two Genii who were in the vicinity and Rodney soon realises that this is a site of Ancient technology and that Harmony and her bloodline has the gene which activates the technology but alas the Genii have kinda broken the device. As the rest of the Genii close in again thanks to information provided by Mardola and Johns’s poor ad-libbing Rodney rushes to fix the device which he is now sure is a weapons system using miniature drone technology. The Genii arrive and a firefight breaks out, Rodney saves Harmony and pulls her to safety and while he then provides cover fire John grabs the royal pendant from Harmony’s throat and rushed to the device, it activates and dozens of small drones appear and slaughter the Genii. Harmony is delighted and impressed by Rodney her new “crush” and now John is in the doghouse but not to worry since Harmony can now activate the device and has become Queen and the trading agreements are intact.
Harmony (40)

Harmony is a fun episode which makes you wonder how dark the fourth season is going to get in the final three episodes but for now we can enjoy the banter between John and Rodney and the added firecracker that is Harmony herself. The episode was written for Jodelle and you can see how great she is when given some good writing and over the years she has more than proven herself in numerous productions including her latest role on Dark Matter which finished its first season a few weeks ago. Crystal and Alexis look spectacular in the period costumes and credit to the set designers for what is a simple but striking throne room and yeah we can’t forget the painting of the courageous Rodney:)

Many thanks to Thomas who joined for this episode and I think our discussion benefitted from a third voice in the mix, these funnier episodes really come into their own when you watch with friends. This weeks promo is for  the Treks In Scifi podcast which is one of the longest running shows I’ve listened to and next week we take a look at the Atlantis episode Outcasts, we hope you join us and don’t forget to let us know what you think.




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