Aug 012015

avatar2 Teyla and the group pay a visit to the world of the Vedeenans and a man known as Davos, he is reputed to be an oracle of some sort who can predict the future, his visions have allowed his people to remain untouched when the Wraith last visited their world. As they step through the Stargate they are greeted by Linara the daughter of Davos and she tells them they have been expected, an ideal reception when visiting a fortune teller, an alien one at that. Davos greets them and offers his hand to Rodney in an attempt to prove his bona-fides and Rodney is given a vision of a Wraith ambush, he seems to be convinced that Davos is worth taking back to Atlantis to receive treatment as he is close to death. Richard Woolsey is on a visit to Atlantis for an evaluation of Colonel Carter’s command of the expedition so it’s not an ideal time to get a round about message from “Todd” (not officially names as of yet but come one we all know him as Todd) asking for a meeting. It turns out that the vision was a foretelling of this encounter with Todd so expecting an ambush they go armed with big sticks but it turns out that it was a genuine meeting and the vision while accurate was not interrupted correctly, an ongoing issue when dealing with Davos and his ability. Todd when put into the brig offers them a deal, they are of course suspicious but he drops the bombshell that the replicators are slaughtering whole human worlds to deny the Wraith a food source and to stop them then the Wraith need access to Rodney and by providing the original base code hack first used ten millennia ago they believe it can be tweaked to shut down the replicators again, Carter is sceptical but agrees to the deal (with provisions) and the work commences. Meanwhile Davos offers Teyla an olive branch, her people are alive but he can not see where they are except it’s within a darkness and then he tells her he knows she is with child and his vision for Carter is of Atlantis being destroyed by Replicator starships and as he says, he has never been wrong. A second Wraith Hive ship approaches the planet and they cloak the city, their trust in Todd is rewarded when the two hives do battle and they are both destroyed and Todd acknowledges his slight twisting of the deal and provides the full basecode for Rodney to work on. Woolsey is a little ashamed of how he acted in trying to overrule Carter and returns to Earth with a positive report of her command and Davos who succumbed to his illness is taken back to his own world by his daughter, Atlantis is left to await the predicted attack by the Replicators…

TheSeer (8)

The Seer has some merit in that in brings Todd (as he eventually known as) and while I have no issues with the performances from any of the guest stars or regular cast the episode feels a little flat. It’s rather a pity because thanks to some creative resource allocation the episode has some very nice look visual and practical effects but maybe the simple story of Davos and the Replicator basecode are not strong enough to really entertain. It’s true not every episode in a series can hit a home run so to speak and The Seer falls short but it’s not a bad episode, good production and some good scenes (Teyla all the time and Carter face to face with Todd) yet it fails to really catch the imagination.

This weeks podcast promo was for The Babylon Project and next week we are joined by Andrew for the excellent episode Miller’s Crossing and the return of Kate Hewlett to Stargate. Thanks to everyone that kept in touch and again a pretty good summer month for downloads, it may be we’ve hit the real core group of listeners who stick with us no matter what so a pat on the back and gold stars all around. Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to share any thoughts on Stargate or our podcast and if you fancy joining us for a show then check the schedule for the rest of this season or even ask about the next season, we would love to get more voices discussing an episode.



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