Apr 182015

avatar Vala gets an unexpected message from off world, her father long the bane of her life is offering the SGC a deal on the information he claims to have about the location of a cloaked cargo ship equipped with Naquadah and intended for a first strike against Earth. When this information proves reliable he is granted sanctuary on Earth but his inherent need to exploit and con people comes to the fore and faced with increasing displeasure he offers to deal with a band of Jaffa who have Naquadah and are still on Earth but he would have to be part of the operation as there is a failsafe built in and only he can disarm it.

FT (18)Family Ties while not being written specifically for Fred Willard was tailored to his style once he came on board to play Jacek and it’s hard to imagine anyone portraying the lovable rogue who gave us Vala even if he is by no means a good father and it sounds even less of a good husband. The episode as with a few in the second half of the season feels like it would have served better if earlier in the run, it’s certainly not part of an arc but then I suppose with the ORI put to one side (for now) they really don’t have to go to extremes to set up a season finale since at this point they knew they were cancelled. The set designers get a lot of praise for this episode, they were allowed to a little over the top in presenting us with what Jacek considers high calibre home decoration and in many ways you can see where Vala gets her love of gaudy objects speaking of which it was touching to see that she did indeed treasure the little trinkets he often brought back to her from his travels.

This weeks promo is for the Game of Thrones podcast Tyrion’s Landing and next week we are going to be taking a look at the Stargate Atlantis episode Submersion. As always we would not say no to some feedback and comments on the show or an itunes review/rating, we’d be happy with a tweet if push comes to shove:)




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