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avatar2 Tales of a mighty hero and defender of a community reach Atlantis and the team go to investigate but it turns out to be not quite as advertised and they are greeted by a previous acquaintance who once again proves to be a bit of a handful until another old friend turns up and the stakes escalate to a life and death scenario. Yes folks the return of Lucius played by Richard Kind is greeted with dismay by John and the rest of the team but it seems at least on the surface he has earned his reputation and the support of the people of the community he protects but a little digging reveals while it may have initially been above board Lucius is manipulating events to maintain his position. Things start to go badly wrong when the Genii mercenaries Lucius is paying off turn on him and call in Kolya who with Atlantis in plan is only to happy to stir things up and after expertly negating the Ancient shielding technology used by Lucius he engineers a trap and captures everyone except John and once again the duel between the two men plays out but this time to the long awaited conclusion, blood has to be spilt.

Irresponsible (40)

Irresponsible is an episode which relies on the audiences attraction to a guest star and in this case two guest stars with Richard Kind bringing the comedy with Lucius and Robert Davi the threat with Commander Kolya. While the episode goes for the western feeling the loss of the primary shooting locations meant that the scope of the episode was reduced with much of the action focused on a very small piece of real estate. I think a lot of shots would have benefitted from a more open plan location in which to emulate the good guy versus bad guy showdown which was used to put the episode to bed. That aside it looked great and was most satisfying but this more than many episodes will live or die on your own view of Lucius and/or Kolya.

Thanks to everyone that has kept us busy and entertained on Twitter, the plus ones, shares and likes over on Facebook and G+ are great but we would love to hear more direct feedback for the episodes, don’t be shy let us know what you think about Stargate and our look at the episodes. This weeks promo was for the Babylon Project podcast and next week we are going to take a look at the Stargate SG1 episode The Shroud and the return of Daniel to the final season after taking a few episodes off, should be fun.




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