Jan 242015

avatar2 Sam has been experimenting with phasing technology based on the device Merlin has left behind and with the imminent threat to the people of P9C-882 SG1 are ordered to take the new technology and use it to protect the native population from the ORI. Alas nothing really goes to plan and the assault on the settlement begins and in desperation Sam and Cameron phase a single dwelling and have to watch as the ORI take their wrath out on the locals. Meanwhile Tomin has Vala onboard the ORI mothership in orbit and has been tasked with the process of converting her to Origin, assumption being that Adria has decreed her mother is not to be killed at least not by anyone but herself but the Prior much to Tomin’s displeasure interrupts the word of Origin to support the destruction of the settlement despite some now willing to bow down to Origin.

Plenty to go around boys...


Line In The Sand expands upon some of the Ancient technology the SGC have discovered and given that Merlin was designing such tech to face the threat of the ORI it seems only right and proper thousands of years later it comes to the rescue but while overall the victory went to SG1 the consequences did perhaps tip the balance back to a draw, lives were saved but many lost. That said as many suspected Vala does have influence with Tomin and perhaps her calm and controlled delivery of what is right and proper or more to the point unacceptable no matter the belief system provokes Tomin to confront himself and the Prior when the locals are targeted for destruction. A small victory perhaps but the seeds have been sown and maybe if Tomin can be swayed then so can many more and the united front the ORI appear to offer may start to crumble.

A good action packed episode countered with some great acting from Claudia and Tim, their scenes with quite intense and in a way balanced out the more casual dynamic between a wounded Sam and Cameron as they all watched and waited to see the fate of the local population and an excellent guest appearance by Aisha Hinds as Thilana. This weeks promo was for The Batcave Podcast and next week we’ll be taking a look at the Atlantis episode Echoes and we’d like to thank Brad for joining us this week and sending in the voicemail, very much appreciated. We’d love to hear from you if you have some thoughts on this or other episode of Stargate and of course we are always looking for a guest to come watch and comment on an upcoming episode of SG1 or Atlantis.



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