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avatar2 The dragon roars and SG1 along with Baal and Adria run away, very quickly but what do you know the dragon bursts forth from the lonely mountain and strafes them with fire before they gain cover in the tree line then it’s time for Cameron to try the man of action approach even though Teal’c is the one that goes on a suicide run but it’s up to Daniel to solve the final puzzle even if again someone else takes the first risk, this time Vala. I think there is a general sacrificial element to some of these characters in this story. The Sangraal is recovered and SG1 along with Ba’al are transported to another location and they find Merlin embedded in a stasis chamber, he’s released but is near death and when the situation is explained to him he reveals his part in the early battle against the potential Ori threat and provides Daniel with the knowledge to build a new weapon but before it can be completed Adria discovers their location within the Stargate / Transporter closed loop and her men launch an attack. Daniel saves the day but is then too weak to protect himself from Adria and is taken aboard an ORI starship, a new pet for the Orici.

Quest2 (25)

The Quest Part 2 is a pretty epic conclusion to this two part story and kicks off the second half of the final season with revelations, action, some humour and a surprising turn of events as SG1 are forced to flee while Daniel uses the inherent ability given to him by the Ancient memory device, alas he is not strong enough or experienced enough to hold Adria for more than a few seconds and well what is she planning on doing with him, we’ll find out next year when the Gatecast has finished with it’s seasonal bonus shows. I’ve got to admit that once again Ba’al played by Cliff Simon is an excellent character to stir things up as even when faced with Adria and her army on their tale he still can not seem to lose the arrogance and joy he taked from needling humans this time Sam who it has to be said responds wonderfully. Of course he then steals the scene once again when he “goes for help” and gets himself killed (again) so no doubt not the original Ba’al  who has a little more sense of self preservation it’s been proven time and time again.

A big thank you to Thomas for sticking with us for the whole evening (midday for him) when we recording both parts of The Quest and Thomas will return as a guest in the new year for an Atlantis episode. This weeks promo was for the The Rusted Robot podcast and next week we’ll be beginning the seasonal bonus shows starting with an episode of RL Stines The Haunting Hour called “Fear Never Knocks” and Brad will be joining me for that show, hope you join us. As always thank you to everyone that has talked to use and left feedback, always appreciated even though we would love to get more including a review over on itunes, haven’t had one of them for a good while but not to worry. We hope you keep listening to the show but for now keep watching and talking about Stargate, always more to discover within the movie, novels and live action series.




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