Nov 012014

avatar Daniel takes Vala on a date or as he puts it two friends sharing a meal but it’s a fancy looking restaurant and they both look like they have put a little effort into their appearance so I think it’s safe to say Vala definitely sees it as a romantic possibility and well Daniel is just deluding himself. When Vala takes a trip to the ladies she is accosted by a guy who injects her and then carries out to a car which then speeds away, the helpful waiter who witnessed the “abduction” informs Daniel and the game is on. It turns out elements of the Trust now led by the Goa’uld Athena (former confident of Ba’al) is looking to unlock some information in Vala’s brain from her time as Qetesh using alien technology. The SGC investigate known Trust safe houses and come up with five possible locations and raid all five, it does not go well and in the warehouse where Vala is being kept the SG team are all killed and an injured Vala escapes but the alien tech has damaged her memories and she finds herself wandering aimlessly and finally being drawn to Sol’s Diner where through very good luck she finds employment. After she foils a robbery the police put her photo on the wire and the Trust and the SGC race to find her but the bad guys get her first leading to a car/bike chase which results in Vala capturing an injured Cameron and thanks to her memories still not sure who she can trust.

MM (8)

Vala retraces her steps and returns to the warehouse with the Trust and SGC right on her heels, a fire fight breaks out and eventually she and Daniel are face to face and with a heart felt plea he breaks through her memory blocks and overwhelmed with memories of her friends and new family she embraces Daniel with tears streaming down her face, oh Cameron has put his pants back on for the raid on the warehouse 🙂

Memento Mori is a very good episode for Vala (Claudia Black) and also solidifies her position in Stargate Command, it’s clear despite her lone wolf and mercenary attitude she has found a place she is happy to be and with people she likes and respects. It was a great moment to see her presented with the SG1 patches and of course lots of people seemed to like Cameron hand cuffed to the motel bed as Vala got the low down on her “alien abduction” scenario, lots of fun. The set piece bike and car stunt was very well done, looked very nice and Teal’c interrogating the Trust operative was fantastic. Overall Memento Mori was an entertaining episode, some laughs and lots of action and drama, lets not forget The Usual Suspects homage when Vala was talking to Detective Ryan (Adrian Holmes).




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