Aug 302014

avatar2 Rodney is spearheading the collection of space gates to use in his Intergalactic Bridge network and on one world they detect a small settlement, they investigate and find a healthy and prosperous people who seem to be in awe of one of the townsfolk. Carson looks into the medicinals that Lucius has offered but then returns to Atlantis with him in toe breaking many of the rules he himself devised to protect the city. In soon becomes apparent that Lucius has some sort of influence over people he meets as one by one the residents of Atlantis come to almost worship him with only John seemingly immune to the effect. Faced with an invasion of the pod people John has to take drastic action to remain free and devise a plot to use the information Carson unknowingly gave him and Rodney before he turned was able to define from the discovery of a drug and pheromone that is being used to influence the people. Irresistible (6)

Irresistible has a lot of humour, you really can not go wrong with having Richard Kind as a guest star and while we are perhaps more used to him playing the lovable doofus in this story he has a dark side and he is enjoying the power and influence he has over this village and as the episode goes on Atlantis itself. An underlying issue which wasn’t addressed in the story is the simple fact that at least two of his wives had shown no interest in him but now are happy and willing to share his life and bed, if this was a more down to earth drama and a guy was drugging or severely manipulating women to give up their free will and bodies then no question it would be a rape centric story. This element does take away some of the enjoyment and that is a shame, lots to enjoy and no question the eye candy is off the scale and it’s fun to see our regular characters acting a little different and certainly more open and it’s the first time Julia Benson appears on Stargate before going on to a regular role on Stargate Universe. We didn’t get any feedback for last weeks episode but we are certainly seeing a bump in the number of listeners, mind you I think that’s down to people returning from summer holidays etc and while chat was slow our twitter account and those we follow never let up, lots to discuss and we had some very good birthday wishes for Amanda including a number of fan created and supported videos. Behind the scenes we had a few issues, the whole original recording vanished, that was Alan and myself so the last minute panic resulted in Brad joining me for a quickie recording with bits spliced in to pad it out at bit, Brad to the rescue. This weeks promo is for The Rusted Robot podcast and next week we will be joined by Misa Buckley for her first appearance on the podcast for the Stargate SG1 episode Insiders in which Ba’al makes a rather large splash, hope you join us for that and let us know what you think.



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