May 172014

avatar The IOA demand a visit to the Gamma sight and the Pentagon and SGC agree that SG1 should go along to both protect and encourage a positive experience. On arrival the representatives are shown some of the ongoing experiments including research into a bug which they believe was spread by the Ori to decimate crops and maybe even more on worlds which have not embraced origin. Alas things go badly wrong after the bugs are fed meat loaf and despite containment procedures they get loose and go on a flesh eating rampage forcing SG1 and the IOA people to flee which the base personnel attempt to retake the base but they are unsuccessful and the self destruct is initiated. When communications are lost the Odyssey is sent to the plant with orders to sterilise the bugs and with not way to pick out the humans if indeed any are left with the Asgard sensors thanks to so many lifeforms in a small area SG1 have little hope of surviving even if the bugs do not get them before hand.

Not wearing red but he knows....

Not wearing red but he knows….

The Scourge is a standalone episode and very much in line with the Syfy channels creature feature output infact Robert Picardo has featured in one or two of them but this kinda works and despite links to the ORI arc and the smaller Chinese “hints” of taking over Stargate operations it provides a little light relief albeit with quite a few deaths and the loss of another off world base. The French representative played by Mark Oliver is wonderfully over the top and Tamlyn Tomita as the Chinese rep who is mildly manipulating Daniel does it with some style and humour and surprisingly there is some funny moments in the episode but these sorts of tales should raise a smile. I’m not sure anyone would really like the responsibility of commanding an off world base, they don’t last long and some of the protective measures for the experiments were woefully lacking, the only good side is that they were off world and not being conducted at the SGC, Area 51 or by a civilian partner.

We got to welcome Stephen back to the show for The Scourge, it was an ideal episode for his long awaited return since he hadn’t seen this season and episode for quite a while and since it didn’t rely on extensive knowledge of the story arcs I think it was easy for him and everyone to enjoy it for what it was. We got a nice voice mail from Brad who as always impresses with his comments recorded while on the road and this week it was most welcome since last weeks episode didn’t get much love feedback wise over on Facebook and G+. This weeks promo is for The Rusted Robot Podcast and next week we return to Atlantis for the Genii episode Coup D’etat, hope you can join us for that and we’d love to hear your thoughts on Stargate, our show and if you fancy joining us for an episode that we’ll be starting SG1 S10 and Atlantis S3 shortly.




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