Feb 272010

A call for hep from the people of Cimmeria who SG1 had visited in the episode Thor’s Hammer reveals that the destruction of the Hammer has allowed a System Lord to invade the world. Sg1 gate to the planet and learn of a second “test” left by Thor and in the belief it will reveal a weapon to defend the plant Daniel, Sam and Gairwyn (Tamsin Kelsey) are teleported away. Meanwhile Jack and Teal’c along with Olaf (Andrew Kavadas) play hunt the rabbit with the Jaffa roaming the land.

Thor’s Chariot is a magnificent episode as we see the SGC having to deal with the direct consequences of the interference on another people. We also meet a new System Lord a son of Apophis and Hathor named Heru’ur and the race behind the Hammer is also revealed as pretty much the iconic “greys”.

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