Feb 132010

A MALP mission temps SG1 into visiting an idyllic world and within a domed structure they are restrained by 4 devices which seems to transport them into their past where events play out again and again. Jack is faced with a special ops mission that failed leading to the death of his former commander and Daniel revisits the deaths of his parents.

On the surface this episode seems a little light but I think it actually works quite well and Dwight Shultz plays The part of the Gamekeeper very well with 1 part cheese and 1 part foreboding. Jay Acovone returns to the show playing Kawalsky and just re-enforces what a good character  he played in the early days.

Again recording issues raised their ugly head and meant the editing and posting of the ep was delayed, we need to get this sorted out if only to make sure 1 new ep per week isn’t like climbing Everest:)

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