Mar 312012

  The US government and the SGC decide to reveal the existence of the Stargate program to a hand picked group of nations (Nuclear Powers/Security Council) mainly in reaction to the weakening of the numerous cover stories used to explain orbital explosions and crashed space ships. The British, French and Chinese representatives each have their own issues with the revelation of the Gate, the X-302 and certainly the X-303 and having Senator Kinsey with his own agenda in play doesn’t help.

Disclosure is a bottle show in respect to a single set being used to reduce costs and shooting schedules and the clip show format just reinforces that perception. I’m not a fan of clip shows but I have to admit this one was done very well by far the best of the series so far and we’ve had a few already. It certainly helps that the clips were all showcasing the uber CGI effects the graphic houses have produced within the bounds of the Showtime/Syfy and MGM budgets so offset the more talkie aspects of the rest of the episode. That said the writing and performances of the recurring/regular side characters and guest characters were top notch and you really didn’t miss any “live” appearances from SG1.

Thor, Buddy!

Thor voiced by Michael Shanks stole the show.

Next week we are covering the episode “Forsaken” so any comments on that episode are most welcome. A big thank you to Colin for the email and everyone else who used our various groups/pages, always appreciated.




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