Jan 052016

Joe Flanigan
Joe was John Sheppard in Stargate Atlantis and SG1, he has also guest starred on Fringe, Major Crimes, CSI Miami, Warehouse 13 and Profiler. IMDB Twitter
Paul McGillion
Paul was the great Carson Beckett on Stargate Atlantis and the young Ernest on SG1, he has also appeared on Fringe, Sanctuary, Cold Squad, Shattered, V and had a small role in Star Trek 2009.  IMDB Twitter Official
Gregory Bennett
Gregory was Lt. Col. Harlan Beck in the SG1 episode Fragile Balance and guest starred on MacGyver, Supernatural, Scary Movie 4, Wiseguy and Letters from the Bigman. IMDB
Julie Hill
Julie played the Jaffa warrior Ginra on the Stargate SG1 episode Birthright as well as appearing on Seven Days, The Thing Below, The Stalker and The Crow Stairway to Heaven. IMDB

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In Memory Of…
Roger Til ( January 5th 1909 – June 28th 2002 )
Professor in the Stargate movie and guest appearances on Knight Rider, The Bionic Woman, Dragnet, Fantasy Island, Blue Thunder and Wings.

Roger Til

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