Aug 092015

Rhona Mitra
Rhona was Commander Kiva in three episodes of Stargate Universe and also starred in The Gates, Strike Back, Boston Legal. The Practice and guest starred on Nip/Tuck. She made her name as perhaps the most famous model to take on Lara Croft and is currently playing Dr. Rachel Scott on the The Last Ship. IMDB Twitter
Marya Delver
Marya played Layale in the Stargate SG1 episode Past and Present and has also been in fourteen episodes of Sons of Anarchy as Officer Eglee. She has also appeared on The Net, Missing and Poltergeist: The Legacy and Leap Years and has written, directed and produced her own work. IMDB
James Lafazanos
James appeared in 15 episodes of Stargate Atlantis as various Wraith, he has also been in Covert Affairs, Supernatural, BSG, Nikita, 12 Monkeys, Ties That Bind and The Time Traveler’s Wife. IMDB Twitter

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