May 182016

Ronald Patrick Thompson
Ronald guest starred as Airman Rennie on the Stargate Universe episode Justice and has also appeared on Fringe, Arrow, Endgame, Supernatural, The Flash, Second Chance and Continuum. IMDB Official Twitter
Erik Holland
Erik played Professor Langford in the Stargate movie and has also appeared on MacGyver, Ghostbusters 2, Baywatch, Titanic and in the original Star Trek episode Wink Of An Eye. IMDB
John Zulinski
John was the Key Grip for 34 episodes of Stargate Universe and 98 episodes of Atlantis as well as Jeremiah and The Dead Zone. He has also worked on A Dog’s Breakfast, Babylon 5 Legend of the Rangers and Just in Time for Christmas. IMDB
Paul Moniz de Sa
Paul played Fannis on the Stargate SG1 episodes Origin and Avalon Part 2. He has also been on The Flash, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Fringe and iZombie. IMDB Twitter Official

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