Jul 192014

avatar Welcome and thank you for visiting and hopefully listening to our Stargate Atlantis wrap up show for the second season of SGA which we finished watching a few weeks ago, this wrap up show takes a quick look at the 20 episodes in the sophomore season and we have a little chat about them, Brad joins us once again but this time right from the beginning. The results of the listener poll for the favourite episode from season 2 are revealed and we thank everyone who took the time to click on the links and choose their episode and in the spirit of supporting our show and more importantly Stargate check out our pages/groups over on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and G+ if you have the time:)

Next week we’ll be starting the tenth season of Stargate SG1 with it’s premiere episode “Flesh And Blood”, we hope you join us.



Poll Results…

  • Duet       8 Votes
  • Aurora  6 Votes
    • Critical Mass                     5 Votes
    • Grace Under Pressure  5 Votes
  • Total Votes 46




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