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In the episode Lost we continue the off world adventure of Scott, Chloe and Eli as they choose to leave Greer behind after the second tunnel collapse. It was a tough decision for Scott to make but it was the right one given that the Destiny would not be waiting for them and their only chance of returning to the ship would be to have gated to a world further down the path the ship was traversing. Greer awakes to find himself trapped but manages to free himself and follows the chalk marks on the walls to freedom, of course he is too late but without a remote he can not go anywhere so sets up camp near the gate. This is where the writers chose to provide us with the meat of his backstory and it is very revealing. An abusive father who was no doubt suffering from PTSD after serving in the gulf shaped a young Greer into a man who wanted nothing more than to protect others and it was through the service he found his peace.


While the lost members of Destiny struggle to survive the ship itself has gone into power saving mode, they soon realise that she is preparing for a Galactica FTL jump and with no gates between the galaxies the opportunity to search nearby worlds will soon be no more, teams gate to available worlds expanding outwards in a last ditch hope of crossing path with the missing team. Eventually Lt. James gates back to the world where the team originally were trapped and finds Greer waiting for them, he returns in good condition but as the counter reaches zero and the final search term returns the ship jumps and begins her voyage to another galaxy. We then see Chloe, Eli and Scott vainly attempting to dial Destiny just as it winks out on the remote, gone forever…

Well a pretty impressive episode of Stargate Universe with some excellent background to the troubled character that is Greer, it was well worth the wait. We get some good exploration via the Stargates as the teams jump from world to world and none of that could have been cheap to do, the “dinosaur” was a laugh and the winter world and crystal world were very impressive to look at. The issues with Destiny herself continue to plague the expedition, the lack of any control still means the potential to lose people if even a single event goes awry must cause Young sleepless nights and speaking of which he now knows he is going to be a daddy.

Overall Lost was a very good and entertaining episode, good character writing and interaction as well some stunning visual effects to enhance the story being told. Our thanks to Steve for joining us on this episode of the podcast and we got some feedback from Mack once again, thank you kindly and Brad recorded us his thoughts on last weeks episode, appreciated as always. This week podcast promo was for Trek News & Views which is making a return now that Colin is feeling a lot better after his recent health issues and next week we are going to be watching the episode “Sabotage” with Ian, hope you join us.




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