Jan 052017

Written by Cain S. Latrani

Defending The Gate

Since the 1970’s, the argument that has predominated nerd culture has revolved around which science fiction series is the best. Star Trek, or Star Wars? Granted, it’s a pretty amiable a…

Source: Defending The Gate: Stargate’s Place In Science Fiction – Cain S. Latrani

  2 Responses to “Defending The Gate: Stargate’s Place In Science Fiction”

  1. Great article by the way, always good as you say to see ongoing new thoughts and insights into the franchise especially with the demise of the movie project.

  2. Wow. How’d I get here? Wormhole clipped a solar flare, or did it pass through a black hole?

    Ah, well. Thanks and happy to see so many people still love Stargate. 😀

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